Doitindy is a dumpster rental company that operates in Indianapolis. We are one of the older and the most reputable businesses in Indianapolis which is backed up by the number of clients we get every week. We own dozens of containers that we are ready to lend at any moment in time. Call us and get a dumpster for your project.


Residential dumpster rental references to renting of small dumpsters for DIY projects and small construction sites. This covers leasing of small (up to 20 yards) dumpsters for a period that doesn’t exceed one week. Extension of the rental period is also possible.

Construction dumpster rental refers to the rental of large containers (up to 40-yard dumpsters) for large construction sites. This type of lease isn’t limited as residential renting and the rental time frame can last between one and four weeks with the possibility of additional extensions.

Commercial dumpster rental covers lease of closed containers for businesses that produce a smaller amount of waste over a long period (restaurants and other similar businesses). This sort of rental business isn’t as limited as other types, and we usually rent commercial containers on a monthly basis.

Recycling and disposal of toxic materials are also something that we do. We take those materials and transfer them to facilities that have resources to dispose of the materials that might harm the environment safely. Those materials aren’t allowed on landfills in their natural state, so we take them on separately.


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The Advantage of rental dumpsters

You can rent a truck and fill it with debris, and it will probably be cheaper than renting a container, but fees for landfill and other expenses will make it a bad deal. We offer premium prices, and you don’t have to worry about transportation and disposal of the waste.

What clients say about us...



"Doitindy is a company with whom we continually collaborate. Whenever we get a construction project, and we need a container for waste, we immediately contact this company. They are always there to support us, and we can always rely on their timely reactions when it comes to dumpster loading and unloading”



"I had to deal with various dumpster rental companies as I own several restaurants, and I have to say that Doitindy is the best party to cooperate with. My group has been collaborating with this dumpster rental company for over four years, and we plan to continue our collaboration in the future"



"I have been working a ot on the remodeling of my house and secondary buildings. I required a large container for all the waste that I create and Doitindy was there for me. We entered into a collaboration that gave me a container for an extended period without draining my resources completely"